Classes & Workshops

Let’s Gogh Art offers a number of different events designed to bring art-based edu-tainment programs to schools, pre-schools, libraries, rec centers, homeschool group churches, community groups and more. Once  you choose a class or workshop, we can provide you a flyer of all our current themes and project options.

Art Classes | Let's Gogh Art

Our Classes offer multi-week art-ventures typically held afterschool for 6-week sessions. We believe that creativity is at the heart of all education and we foster that through a broad exposure to all forms of media, tools and techniques. We allow children (and adults) to “play and learn about art” with many whimsical and unconventional projects. Some of our session themes include: Time to Clay,  Around the World With Art, Tourist of the Rainforest, Where they Wild Things Art, Arc-tic Art-venture, Magical Art Mystery Tour, Fun & Funky Art.

“The Let’s Gogh Art program has really made a difference in our students at the Creative Choices.  The projects are engaging and diverse, and students have ample opportunity to use a variety of mediums to create exciting art projects.”

Lisa Delrio, Creative Choices Director

Let’s Gogh Art Class Flyer

Let’s Gogh Art offers many different multi-week art class themes

Art Workshops | Let's Gogh Art

Our Workshops offer a variety of single session, one or two hour creative explorations. A perfect program for early release days at schools and during school vacations. We also offer Scout badge workshops. Workshops combine art and creativity with unique 3-dimensional projects, allowing people how to think out of the box about art and how it relates to the world around them. We also incorporate literature, music, art history, humor and more. Our classes and workshops meet or exceed the National Visual Art framework.

“Thank you for a fun-filled, creative event. We will certainly keep you in mind for future early release days. Thanks again!”

Leela Reddy, Lincoln School PTO

Let’s Gogh Art Workshops Flyer

Art Workshops by Let’s Gogh Art are a blast!

Story Art | Let's Gogh Art

StoryArt is a literacy education and creative enrichment program that enables young children (ages 3-6) to see a story’s characters come to life through their own creativity. Our expert storyteller instructors entertain children in this engaging art-venture. In each class, a popular children’s story is read to the group, followed by the completion of a unique art project(s) related to the story. We also incorporate age appropriate math, science, writing, geography and history concepts. Depending on the theme, we might also sing, dance and play games. For something different, we can face paint the story’s character on each child and/or enjoy a snack related to the story! This program has been praised for teaching reading comprehension, while inspiring the imagination and self-expression. We offer more than 65 different StoryArt themes. StoryArt can be offered in either a multi-week class or single workshop format.

“The StoryArt program is wonderfully creative and educational. Each of the centers gave us great feedback, and the program fell within our budget. Best of all, the children were able to experiment, explore and express their creativity. This program also promotes communication, language and literacy skills in young children. Thanks again.”

Karen Driscoll, Fitchburg Public Schools Early Childhood Project Manager

Let’s Gogh Art StoryArt Flyer

StoryArt by Let’s Gogh Art combines art and literacy.

Art Fests | Let's Gogh Art

A Let’s Gogh Art Family ArtFest gives children and their families a special opportunity to explore and experiment with art and creativity…together. With our years of experience working with thousands of schools and groups, we bring all of the hands-on activities to be created and enjoyed by each family. We also take care of set-up and clean-up, and supervise the event so there’s virtually nothing your organization needs to do. A Family ArtFest can be a new, annual celebration of the arts at your school or organization. Alternatively, we can offer it as a fantastic enhancement to an existing art or music fair. Our creatively entertaining activities are unique, interactive and enjoyed by the entire family. Best of all, everyone takes home memories and masterpieces from a Family ArtFest.

“The families that came to the Family ArtFest really enjoyed themselves. A really nice and afforable collection of projects.”

Maribeth Higgins, Blanchard Memorial School, Boxborough

Let’s Gogh Art Family ArtFest Flyer

Let’s Gogh Art hosts Family ArtFests for unique family bonding and creating.