2D & 3D Art

Canvas Painting

Alcohol Ink Painting

Fabric Art

Wood & Papier Mache

Ceramics & Plaster

Glass & Mosaics

Design-a-Buddy Plush

Tile Art

Pallet Painting

Clay Art

Silk Hoop Painting

Stuffed Animals

Coloring & Doodling

Body Art

ArtFest Projects

Art Choices

We offer a large variety of art projects and activities for our private and public events. We can help you choose the art that is appropriate and affordable for your group.

We offer everything from 2D & 3D art, canvas painting, tile art, paint-n-press fabric art, wood & papier mache, ceramics & plaster, glass & mosaics, Design-a-Buddy plush, tabletop garden art, clay art, silk hoop painting, stuffed animals, coloring & doodling and body art. We also offer a big variety of super fun art activities such as sand art, spin art, tie dye t-shirts and more for corporate and group ArtFests.

In our art classes/workshops and birthday parties, we offer a big variety of themes and projects.

Check out the gallery below and contact us for a flyer of all our offerings, based on your event type.