Create a Biz in Your Community that Makes You Happy

Happiness means different things to different people. The incredible (and affordable) Let’s Gogh Art opportunity lets you define and create your own happy in your community, while creating extra income and/or running a profitable business you’ll love. Let’s Gogh Art has a unique value proposition to the prospective entrepreneur…so unique we have to yet find any other art-related opportunity like it in the market. Let’s Gogh Art is a complete “art-tainment platform” that delivers opportunities for people everywhere to connect and create. Read below (or in the attached licensing brochure) to see what makes the Let’s Gogh Art opportunity and platform stand out from the rest.

Learn how to start an art business you’ll love for only $2,500!!

Yes it’s true, for only $2,500 you can purchase our Art Biz in a Box and be on your way to pursuing your passion for art and entrepreneurship.

Create your own curriculum or buy ours for an additional $2,500….hundreds of projects, lesson plans, supplier lists and purchasing discounts.

Access our DIY training videos and materials or hire us to train you (fees vary…see the licensing brochure for details).

Here’s what’s included:

  • 150 page “How to Start an Awesome Art Biz” manual
  • Comprehensive marketing program
  • Sample projects and lesson plans
  • DIY training (videos and materials provided)
  • Be up and running in 30 days
  • Pay your initial investment back with a few events

Email us at: to get your Let’s Gogh Art business started today!!

*Other fees apply, see licensing brochure for details.

Love What You Do & Be Your Own Boss

Market to Everyone!

Any Art. Any Format. Any Location

Complete Guide to Running Your Business

Unique & Affordable Biz Model

Profitable & Proven

The most affordable art business in the industry.

A few events and your upfront investment is paid for!  Plus, you’ll have access to 14 years of knowledge and experience in art education and  30 years of business start-up and marketing experience.

Have Art. Will Gogh! A convenient, low overhead mobile format.

Let’s Gogh Art is primarily a “mobile” art-tainment services company…a DIY pop-up art studio delivered to any type of group at any location (customers love the convenience and novelty of this). This mobile model lets you get up and going fast without the big overhead of a rented space, although you can opt for a physical location too. Less overhead means higher profits.

The Let’s Gogh Art platform is modular, flexible and massively scalable.

The modularity of our platform allows you to plug into any of our offerings and bring them to your market on whatever scale makes you happy. You also have the flexibility to work your Let’s Gogh Art business full time, part time, weeknights, weekends or even just the summertime.

A Complete System Ready to “Gogh”.

We have all the “proven” business systems set up to support the platform and ready to plug into. We have operations and marketing manuals that give you a business in box. Just open, follow and operate. You can define how much help you need from the system based on how you want to run your business.

Our concept of “Art-tainment” is a new twist on an existing industry…

…and we’re taking the lead in defining it.  Think art school meets paint-n-sip. It’s “fun art, not fine art”. Our events fill an untapped (and growing) need for social and personal experiences…experiences that incorporate tangible creative expression, happiness, connection, and relaxation.

Like our namesake Vincent van Gogh, we create all types of art with our customers.

Our name and our business model allows us to offer the tried and true 2D art forms, super cool 3D art, crafts, activities, and gives us the chance to offer any new art trend that comes down the pike unimcumbered by a name or a specific offering (think: Canvas & Cocktails).

Art Events R Us!

Not only do we offer tons of art, we also offer a big variety of art events: classes, parties, adult only events, corporate & group events, camps, fundraisers and more. This huge choice in art and formats gives you literally hundreds of reasons to go back to the same customers with different art experiences.

Everyone Can Tap into their Creativity…we show them how.

We love to create with anyone…kids, adults, seniors, families, groups, and co-workers. Our model, branding and messaging allows us the flexibility to market to any type of group. We don’t limit ourselves with tag lines and messaging like, “Drink Creatively” (obviously a narrow focus on adults and alcohol). Our positive, good vibes tagline, “Create Some Happy” resonates with everyone, doesn’t offend or alienate any customer segment, and gives you many more revenue opportunities than a narrow target focus would.

Why pay $50,000-$100,000 or more for a franchise when you can get the same benefits, experience, research and comprehensive business system for A LOT less? The major franchise companies in the “DIY art studio/paint-n-sip” space are very expensive to start, operate and maintain. You need to be in business for a long time to get a return on your investment. With a license you’re also free to integrate other “entertainment or enrichment” programs, like science, music & movement, etc. Let’s Gogh Art offers a number of licensing investment options to fit your budget and business/life style goals. Our modular format allows you to jump in and get started with our Art Biz in a Box program which is only $2,500.

Whether you purchase a franchise or a license, the main value in purchasing a “business in a box” is that everything is already figured out for you. Everything is already created for you. The system has been designed (and hopefully working and profitable) for someone else. You simply learn the system, get your business foundations in place, market and then “gogh.”

During the last ten years, we’ve experience everything you might encounter as you start and build your business. And, we’re here to support you every step of the way. So this means you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. This experience is invaluable.

We think you’ll agree with the HUGE value and opportunity a Let’s Gogh Art license represents. The goal for us is to help you invest in a business you’ll love, get up and running and profitable as fast as possible. Everything in our system is designed with this goal in mind.

$2,500 will get your Let’s Gogh Art business up, running and “goghing” (just add your own project ideas and curriculum or buy ours)!

Once your application is approved for our Art Biz in a Box program, and you pay your licensing fee, buy supplies, and set-up your operations…you can be offering art programs in as little as 30 days! Just a few events, and your initial $2,500 investment* is covered. Now that’s a smart investment.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A 150-page How to Start an Awesome Art Biz operations manual culled from 15 years of experience in the art industry. The manual includes everything you need to know to run a Let’s Gogh Art business: business foundations, processes, organizing your business, business tools, training, instructing, selling, marketing, customer service, making money, scheduling, running events, hiring, supplies, best practices and many, many additional resources.
  • Use of our very unique, memorable and flexible Let’s Gogh Art name, tagline and logo
  • Hundreds of proven marketing strategies, professional branded materials and marketing templates tailored to the markets you will serve. Includes corporate marketing program to drive brand, local awareness and leads for all licensees
  • Exclusive and protected territories (up to 20 miles from your office)
  • Video and printed material training (personal training with our staff is available for an extra fee)
  • On-going support through regular contact with HQ and other licensees
  • Optional training, marketing and business mentoring services

Create your own curriculum or project ideas OR for an additional $2,500, you’ll get access to 7 complete modules for Art Classes; Group/Corporate events (including face painting); Art Workshops; StoryArt; Birthday Parties; Canvas Painting; and Vacation Camps. Every module comes with operation/instruction guides, supplier lists, project/lesson plans and marketing guidance. You’ll receive more than 100 lesson plans!!

*Let’s Gogh Art charges an annual renewal fee of $1,000 and a 5% revenue share based on your total annual sales at the beginning of each year that you choose to continue to license the program.

  1. Review our entire website, Facebook page and brochure to learn as much as you can about Let’s Gogh Art
  2. Contact us to express your interest and/or fill out and submit the licensing inquiry form along with your resume
  3. We will schedule an interview to discuss your qualifications and answer any questions you have about the opportunity
  4. Based on mutual interest in moving forward, we’ll provide our licensing agreements for review
  5. You’ll do your own due diligence to analyze the opportunity
  6. If you decide to move forward, you’ll choose a licensing agreement sign the agreement and submit the associated fee
  7. You’ll receive everything you need within 10 business days
  8. You can be up and running 30-60 days later

It’s evident in everything we do, that we absolutely love what we do. We’ve found our life’s passion and we’re anxious to share it with the world. We believe that doing what you love (and getting paid for it) is a key ingredient to success. With the Let’s Gogh Art licensing model, you can leverage our years of experience and our proven business model to make your dream of entrepreneurship a reality.

How soon after I purchase a license can I begin offering programs?

Immediately after you pay your licensing fee. However, it typically takes 30- 60 days to get this type of business up and running. Getting the word out about your new business will be your most important first step. Our comprehensive marketing program gives you guidance on effective and cost efficient marketing and advertising strategies. We also offer all of the stationery, literature, and promotional materials for your written communication needs, as well as all online marketing strategies we continue to refine and perfect.

Do you provide financing?

No, we do not currently provide financing, but we can refer you to some private business funding companies.

How many people participate in an average Let’s Gogh Art program?

Participation rates vary depending upon the type of program. Art classes and birthday parties are typically in the 10-15 range. Workshops and canvas painting events can be in the 20-40 person range, while corporate events can be as large as 500 and more. Participation rates are completely up to you to determine based on your particular situation.

How much money can I expect to make operating a Let’s Gogh Art license?

This is highly dependent upon how much time you invest operating your business, the number of different programs you offer, your marketing efforts and the demographics of your market. We suggest that as part of your business plan, you analyze these factors to best determine your financial goals.

Let’s Gogh Art does not make any claims to licensees about this information. However, we do provide some profitability models to help you determine your costs and your fees to make sure you are getting to profitability as quickly as possible.

To read more FAQs and to find out who the ideal licensing candidate is read our licensing brochure.

Praise for Our Easy and Affordable Business Model

“Let’s Gogh Art is a fun and smart business opportunity at a minimal investment. It’s a great fit for new or veteran entrepreneurs, from moms who want to return to the workforce on their own terms, to individuals looking to build a local family-friendly business.”

-Alyssa Dver, Chief Executive, Mint Green Marketing

“I’m very impressed by the creativity and initiative of Let’s Gogh Art, and I love what they are doing. The Let’s Gogh Art team is obviously passionate about the creative processand they have developed a wonderful program that’s easy to implement. I encourage you to consider this business, and to be a part of your own community’s development.”

-Anna Reyner, MA, ATR, MFT, Registered Art Therapist