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“Everyone had a great time last night at our Paint beCAUSE fundraiser. Thank you.”

Kathleen Williams

We host public & private painting events at customer locations, our studios, local bars/restaurants, companies or other public venues. We paint on canvases, mini canvases, wine glasses, wood and purses. We also offer super unique Paint-n-Press fabric art.

We help “anyone” create some happy in a number of different branded event formats. They include:


think wine and unwind for adults only

Paint-n-Sip events are most frequently held at bars & restaurants and private homes. Occasionally other community venues will host these events as well. The alcohol is supplied by the venue or the host. In the case of restaurants and bars, we have a specific business development process and dedicated flyer to help market to this customer base.

Paint beCAUSE…

raise up to 40% for your cause

One of our more popular art-ventures is our Paint beCAUSE events…for adults and children looking for a relaxing and social creativity break. Our events are painting with a social conscience because we either donate 40% of proceeds to your non profit or each guests receives a $5 charity card that can be used to donate to hundreds of different charities. Paint Good. Do Good. Feel Good!

Paint Social…

no alcohol, just friends, fun & socializing

Paint Socials are popular with senior centers, special needs groups, children, churches and recreation departments…anywhere they don’t want to have/serve alcohol. This is where having a name like Let’s Gogh Art (vs. Canvases & Cocktails, for example) is a clear benefit. There’s 78 million baby boomers…that’s a lot of Paint Socials. We emphasize the social aspect of the event and have even offered collaborative painting projects that can be left behind and hanged in the venue.

Paint Pals…

just for kids..birthdays, camps, scouts, afterschool classes & more

Paint Pals is a great offering for anything focused on kids. We are actively working on adding to kid specific painting samples. The reason it hasn’t been a high priority, is that many children don’t really like the step-by-step instruction that is popular with adult events. Kids like to “do their own thing” and so oftentimes we just go with it. We also offer a specific workshop, Kids on Canvas, in which we paint (step-by-step) one of the masterpieces from van Gogh, Matisse or Picasso. This is both educational and entertaining and the kids do follow along, but certainly with their own unique twist.

Paint Fest…

perfect for family bonding or large groups

If you have a large group of families looking to do something that promotes family bonding, a Paint Fest would be a perfect event. Paint Fests would work well at hotels and resorts, as well as colleges (parent’s weekend), schools, corporate summer outings or holiday events. We booked a corporate event last summer and about 200 people painted mini canvases

While guests paint, sip, chit and chat at our events, our expert instructors provide step by step guidance as the creativity unfolds with a paint brush, a little paint and a painting surface (i.e. canvas). We can paint with your group on a variety of surfaces including: canvases, t-shirts, purses, wine glasses and even jeans. We also create some fun with fused glass, mosaics, and more.

Hundreds of bars, cafes, restaurants, companies, community centers and groups are taking advantage of this new, fun craze. A Let’s Gogh Art canvas painting event is “delivered” to your venue and can bring a restaurant 30 or more people on a slow night of the week. Or, it can provide a night of entertainment for a gathering of friends in someone’s kitchen, a corporate teambuilding activity, or even a social ice breaker for a woman’s networking event. The list of venues and reasons to try something you may not have done since the 3rd grade is endless.

Consider an event for:

  • Ladies Night Out
  • Corporate Teambuilding
  • Family Gathering
  • Senior Facility
  • Your Eating/Drinking Establishment
  • Fundraiser

“What a great party. I’ve had a martini and now my painting looks like a masterpiece!”

Tracey Thompson

Come Paint With Us!