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ArtFest Projects | Let's Gogh ArtOne of our more popular events is our ArtFests for corporations, community groups and schools. We offer a large collection of art-based projects and activities that are popular for corporate parties and summer outings, including: face painting, glitter tattoos, balloon art, spin art, sand art, tie dye t-shirts, DYO logo shirts, canvas painting, beading and more. We also offer holiday themed projects that change frequently. For our Family ArtFests, we offer many affordable family-themed arts & crafts that promote family colloboration and bonding. Projects at an ArtFest are typically set up in creativity stations where guests can move from project to project at their own pace.

In addition to ArtFests, we offer individual and collaborative teambuilding projects that are popular with co-workers and members of groups.

Take a look at the below PDFs to read more details and contact us with any questions.

Projects & Activities for Corporate/Group ArtFests

Many projects and activities from face painting to sand art to spin art to fabric art.

Projects for Corporate Employees and Adult Groups

Canvas painting, glass painting, tabletop garden art and more for corporate groups.

Projects for Family ArtFests

Many unique and affordable family oriented art projects.

Projects for Group/Corporate Teambuilding

Group art-based games and competition to promote teambuilding.

Let’s Gogh Art Face Painting/Glitter Tattoo

Let's Gogh Art Face Painting Glitter Tattoo

Let’s Gogh Art Glitter Tattoos

Let's Gogh Art Glitter Tattoos

Paint-n-Press T-Shirts

Paint-n-Press T-Shirts | Let's Gogh Art

Watch the Paint-n-Press T-Shirt video to see how cool this project is for ANY age.