The Art-Vantage of Let’s Gogh Art

Let’s talk about those modules…

What exactly do we offer for modules and why are they a success?

Quite frankly, because we let YOU decide what is going to work best for your demographic and your business plan.  We have modules for:

  • Art Parties: Who doesn’t like a party, where you can socialize and bring something home that you’ve created?  We bring an incredible, affordable and unique arts and crafts party for kids and adults alike.
  • Camps: We offer a completely turn-key program, ranging from one day, three day or five days.  We have the mobility to come to your venue or camp program and offer a one hour or three hour art-venture.  We have a number of unique projects the keep kids actively engaged and entertained.
  • Fundraisers: choose a project and raise up to 40% for a cause
  • Art Classes and Workshops: Either grouped into single or multi-week art-ventures (typically held at schools, community groups or libraries-but you’re the boss, so you decide!) Foster art through education and through a broad exposure to all forms of media, tools and techniques.
  • Corporate/Group Events: Corporations and Businesses are learning more and more that a happy workplace is one that feels bonded and connected to one another.  Corporate and Group art events are a great way to build this bond and a great alternative to the annual Company Holiday party.
  • Adult Only Events: Think wine and unwind for adults only.  Create something while enjoying a glass of wine and melt away all apprehension of not being “good” at art.  Once your defenses are down, you’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of creating!

The world is your oyster and you can, literally, “gogh” anywhere to work your business.  Just a few proven venues we’ve found success in are:

  • Company outings and parties
  • Childcare centers and pre-schools
  • Public and private schools
  • Recreation programs
  •  Summer camps and campgrounds
  • Libraries, churches and clubs
  • Senior centers and special needs centers
  • Scout meetings
  • Birthday parties
  • Private home parties

So go ahead, start small and watch your Let’s Gogh Art business “gogh” and grow!

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