Homemade Wrapping Paper

Tis the season and we love to create art as presents and wanted to take it a step further by creating the wrapping paper ourselves too!  Well, it’s probably more like decorating the wrapping paper, as we didn’t really create the paper itself.  This can be such a fun project, and can save some money too 😉


  • Butcher paper or any other long roll of paper
  • Paint (we used green and red)
  • Painting tools (toilet paper rolls, paintbrushes, cookie cutters, etc.) Be creative!
  1. Lay out the butcher paper on an area that will be easy to clean (hardwood floor, kitchen floor, if the weather is decent, the driveway!)
  2. Let your children decorate the entire roll of paper with the painting tools you have chosen!
  3. We let our children probably take it a little far by allowing them use their hands and fingers to create their masterpieces J

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