Homemade Wrapping Paper

Tis the season and we love to create art as presents and wanted to take it a step further by creating the wrapping paper ourselves too!  Well, it’s probably more like decorating the wrapping paper, as we didn’t really create the paper itself.  This can be such a fun project, and can save some


We’ve written and shared articles on the benefits of art education.  Unfortunately, there are still many who still feel that the future lies solely in math and science.  Although math and science are important, art education tends to get pushed to the background in order to focus on Science, Tec

Highlighting our Programs

We have spent some time over the past few weeks reading articles regarding integrating different subjects, in order to strengthen each other.  We’ve seen this for centuries in books with illustrations; combining visual art with literacy.  At Let’s Gogh Art we have taken this idea to another le