Welcome to Let’s Gogh Art!

What We Do and Where We ‘Gogh”?

Let’s Gogh Art is a mobile art-tainment company that has been “creating some happy” throughout New England for 16 years! We’ve worked with over 200,000 people and LOVE what do do!

Back in 2016 we defined an entirely new category of creative fun where art education meets entertainment. Our ART-TAINMENT services and offerings are the broadest and most unique on the planet! In our high-teched out world, we’re continually praised for our unique spin on art-making and making art accessible (and enjoyable) to the masses.

You’ll most often find us “creating some happy” at schools/daycares, restaurants, community centers, bars, libraries, corporate offices, senior centers, country clubs, churches, Scout meetings, festivals, company picnics, private homes, and even Fenway Park!!

You don’t have to be a kid or an artist to enjoy a Let’s Gogh Art program, you just need to be willing to take your creativity for a ride. We’re ready to “gogh”…are you?

Own your Own Let’s Gogh Art

Create an Opportunity You'll Love with a Let's Gogh Art License

Happiness means different things to different people. The Let’s Gogh Art licensing opportunity lets you define and create your own happiness while creating extra income and/or running a profitable business you’ll love.  Our Art Biz in a Box program is so unique we have yet to find anything like it in the industry.  Check out the video to the right and our Licensing page here on the site to learn more and then email me, Lynn Toomey, Let’s Gogh Art founder for more details and to chat. Email: lynn@letsgoghart.net

You Can Now Order Our Amazing Projects “To Gogh”!

After 16 years of creating art and fun, we know what kids and adults love to do when it comes to arts and crafts. We’re taking our most loved projects and curriculum, and packaging them into Art to Gogh kits delivered directly to your home or organization. Our unique StoryArt kits are coming soon and are perfect for 3-6 year olds. Our Color. Learn & Play books are perfect for the athletic artist. We also have unique coloring cards and books created by our founder, Lynn Toomey. We’ll be adding our Badge to Gogh kits soon…perfect for Scouts and Scout leaders. Check out the Books & Kits store here and keep checking back for additions.

How it Works…Start Your Art-Venture “Here”

Choose Your Event

We love to host everything from group art classes to a birthday party. You can book so many different types of private events.

Choose Your Art

We offer hundreds of art projects &  activities for any type of event.

Choose Your Venue

We can “gogh” to you at any venue…anytime.


Our classes offer single session and multi-week art ventures typically held at schools, community groups and libraries. We believe that creativity is at the heart of all education and we foster that through a broad exposure to all forms of media, tools and techniques. We allow children (and adults) to “play and learn about art” with many whimsical and unconventional projects.

Birthday Parties

We bring an incredible, affordable and unique arts & crafts party for creative and cool kids (and adults) to your location. You supply the people and your imagination. Our expert Creativity Crew will show everyone how it’s all done, supply all the materials and projects, and do all the clean-up. Perfect for a child’s birthday or other celebration. Best of all, everyone takes home a hand-made masterpiece.


We deliver ArtFests at a variety of venues and for a variety of groups including: corporate outings, schools, community groups, fairs, and more. An ArtFest offers a variety of “creativity stations” where guests are free to move between stations at their own pace, creating their own fun. Our stations can be art-based or activity-based. For example: one station may be sand art or spin art; face painting or glitter tattoos; tie-dye t-shirts or many DYO crafts.


Forget hawking candles and candies…try an art fundaiser for a change (or for some serious change!!). We offer up to 30% back to your CAUSE with our Paint beCAUSE events. With our Tile beCAUSE events your group can create a one-of-akind tile table, framed tile murals, tile wall installations for a charity of choice, or contribute tiles to our Walls that Unite program. We also offer unique ArtFests which can be used to raise funds for your school or group.

Face Painting & More

We offer a variety of other programs including face painting, Scout workshops, vacation programs, and integrated art programs

Happy Customers

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